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Airport details booking form

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Taxi booking form

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Main Plugin Features

Live tracking


Payment to Wallet

Transport booking

Options: Settings Mailings, Gateways

User cabinet: Messaging/Profile

 Trip booking

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main Booking form for order trip

This form is allow to create a trip from A to B, look route at the Map, choose the Date & Time, Add the Features, look the Trip price with all features and MAKE A TRIP BOOKING.

Responsive layout

This is fully responsive design for other kinds of devices 

How can I set a custom colours for my booking form?

I can set a custom colours, distance measurement, min/max distance, map zoom, choose a country, then – Update

Can I download a custom file of my Pickup and Drop-off?

I can download a custom pictures of Pickup and Drop-off. (jpeg, png formats, the size no more than 100×100 px), then –  Update

How can I use a payment system ?

For using a Payment system I need to get a KEY and set it in PayPal client id, put the PayPal mobile app key, PayPal secret key and choose the type of PayPal payment, then – Update

Is the Mailing possible?

I can use a Maillng and Notifications. I need to feel the fields and switch ON for notifications, then – Update   

How can I use a CABINET?

My Cabinet has a 5 sections –  Last Orders, Reports, Messages, User Profile and Payments

Is the Order transport available to find?

I can see the Order transport (colour, number), Date & Time of Order, Add Features of Order

247 PLUGIN Installation

Here is presented the easy Installation manual

1. Select "Add New" from plugins

1.Go to the Plugin to the Add New

2. Select "Choose file" from page

2. Choose the Plugin from your Library

3. Install and Activate

3. Download the ZIP file

247 Plugin Settings

The booking system comes with a huge set of full features for Booking online system on the Website.

Booking forms

[ CallCustomForm page_name=trip_booking.html]
[ CallCustomForm page_name=trip_airport_booking.html]
[ CallCustomForm page_name=trip_airport_details_booking.html]
[ CallCustomForm page_name=trip_place_booking.html]
[ CallCustomForm page_name=trip_estimate.html]
[ CallCustomForm page_name=delivery_booking.html]
[ CallCustomForm page_name=product_booking.html]

Trip widget

[CallCustomForm page_name=trip_widget.html callback=link to page]


[CallCustomFormpage_name=delivery_widget.html callback=link to page]


[CallCustomFormpage_name=product_widget.html callback=link to page]

Cabinet forms

LoginForm [ CallCustomForm page_name=login.html ]
RegisterForm [ CallCustomForm page_name=register.html ]
PaymentForm [ CallCustomForm page_name=payment.html ]
CabinetForm [ CallCustomForm page_name=cabinet.html ]
MapForm [ CallCustomForm page_name=map.html map_provider=mapbox ]


Shortcode of the 247 Plugin for WordPress is CallCustomForm, using with a lot of parameters.

Example :

Parameters of the Shortcode:

page_name – name of Custom form (always required) tab_number – number of tab on Cabinet form
order_id – number id of order on Cabinet form username – default Login credentials

password – default Login credentials
map_provider – user map provider (values : “google”, “yandex”, “osm”, “here”, “mapbox”, “mapquest”. Warning! Maps Directions, Geocoding, Places using by default Google Maps provider, for map preview using one of selected provider)
language – use Language on form (one of values from /admin/json/messages.json in field “name” of messages array, such as “name” : “ENGLISH”, english by default) callback – Callback page href for Login, Register or Booking forms (call aslocation.href in javascript)
widget_callback – Widget form Callback page href for call form page after widget on main page (call as location.href in javascript)
input_data – input data for use in Booking form or Widget form

LastOrder , OrderById ,  CabinetOrders ,  CabinetReports ,  CabinetMessages ,  CabinetProfile , CabinetPayments

1. Maps & Languages –  get the Google Maps API key and set to the Google Maps Key.

2.Choose the Map provider (Google, Yandex, OSM)

3.Plugin forms

Set the Distance Measurement (min, max), Date format, Map Zoom. Choose the your Country from the list, set the Custom Color (Theme color, Hover color, Disabled color)

4.Map parameters

Set a custom Map Markers (Pickup, Dropoff). Choose the your Area on the Map and set the square a Custom Area

After your Settings – Update Button

SMTP Settings – set the SMTP settings for messaging

Password Recovery Settings – set the email address for password recovery

Order status – switch ON if you use New order Mailings and Order status Mailings. Put the text to the text editor

Payment confirmation settings – put the email address for payment confirmation

Administrator Notification Settings – put the email address for Administrator notification

After your Settings – Update Button

Payment gateways – put the Paypal key

Liqpay payment – if you Use Liqpay payment

Cognalys phone number Verification – Use Cognalys verification settings


Use Driver tax, Use Deactivated user with negative prepaid amount, for example

Audit – if you Use Audit log

After your Settings – Update Button

Add Currency and Set Active one of them

Add Discount and Set to User or Product

Add Product and Describe it with the price

Add Product Parameter and Describe it with the price

Select product type and describe it (don’t remove or add any)

Add product and Product type to Product Type Part (Set link Set Product to Product type)

Add Product and Product Parameter to Product Parameter Part (Set link Product to Product Parameter)

Add Product to Stock and Describe it with the Count

Add Store or Select Store and Describe it (for use in H point)

Users and Features




Types and Attr

Trade and Services


Sent orders – look the sent orders at the Cabinet



User profile


Map activity


Order transport

You can create a fast booking form on Dashboard

Here is a full information about Order – a Car information with photo, Additional features, Order time, Order hourly, call phone

Responsive booking Website
For Your Business!

We create a responsive & beautiful website with 247 plugin
for booking and delivery ONLINE for your BUSINESS quickly and not expensive

Choose desired service

Booking plugin


  • 247 plugin source codes
  • Login/register form included
  • Booking form included
  • Payment system included

Booking website

WEBSITE with 247 plugin

  • 5 pages
  • Theme & Plugin installation
  • Theme customization
  • Setting an add plugins

Custom project

Custom project

  • FullStack Development
  • A Custom Website
  • A Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)
  • Database Backend

Model #1

  • Trip service from/to Airport
  • Mobile Apps – Android, iOS – that include Trip Booking online, Order history, 

Model # 2

  • Delivery service for Pizza and other food booking
  • Mobile Apps – Android, iOS – that include Trip Booking online, Order history, 

Model # 3

  •  Trip service from/to railway station
  • Mobile Apps – Android, iOS – that include Trip Booking online, Order history,

Model # 4

  • Taxi service from/to Airport, Public places, Office, home
  • Mobile Apps – Android, iOS – that include Trip Booking online, Order history, 
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Hilary Leigh
"I order a website with this plugin for a small Pizzeria, for pizza booking and delivery on my website"
Hall Read
"I setup this plugin for my website. Now my client make a book Taxi order online, and I can see this in the Dashboard"
Quintin Angus
"Good plugin, not expensive, have a support, my recommends"
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Our Team

We are a small team of Developers. We have a Mobile Apps developer, Database developer and Web designer and developer.

247 Booking Platform, Taxi Delivery Rental Booking Plugin for WordPress, Android iOS Apps

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